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The Begining..... Round 1

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So.... it's Monday morning 3/8/10....and I get the call. ....but is it THE call?


Marissa tells me that she is "in the very beginning of labor -- and it could be hours or days"

What does that mean??? Hours or DAYS?!?!?! .....I did all my reading, discussed everything with the doctors and thought i was prepared buuuuut here i am without a clue what to do. Is it false labor? Should I be there, should she be home relaxing, .... what to do, what to do......

This Dad thing is going to be more complicated than I thought ......right from the beginning!!!


Now I'm so excited how am i supposed to do anything productive? I feel like I have had WAY to much coffee (i had 1 cup and didn't finish it) and have to try and sit still for HOURS maybe DAYS!!  The last 9 months were a tough wait.... but i think this is even harder.


.....and it's such a nice day outside.

big grin