Last of Blair's solo posts! Last of Blair's solo posts! Let me show ya sumpthin.... ......notice the shoes 168258361 It's an "innie," right? 168258360 Let's have a closer look, shall we? 168258359 Nope.... it's an "outie" alright! 168258358 EWWWW! 168258357 You laffing at that, punk? 168258362 168258364 168258365 168258366 168258367 Ol' McDonald had some... ............Chicken McNuggets! 168258368 168258369 She loves her puppies! ....when they aren't trying to swipe her food. 168258370 ...Notice the shoes... AGAIN! We call them "clompers" because she CLOMPS around as loudly as possible! 168258371 168258372 You wouldn't know it - but we do have spoons! 168258373 Chillin 168258374 20 miles on the highway like this!!! I was THAT GUY and yes i WAS embarrassed the whole time. 168258375 The Blair Performing Arts Pavilion at the zoo 168258376 Sammich cutouts! 168258377 168258378 168258379 168258380 Nature walk! 168258381 She got bounced out! Preggo mom had to hockey stop the flying princess. It was awesome to behold! 168258382 Somethings I have to take credit/blame for... 168258383 mere seconds before dropping the "F" bomb! 168258384 Little girl earns big girl bed! 168258385 Nice, right?!?! 168263002 Present from MY PAL!! 168263001 Wolverine attack! Dorian locked himself in the bathroom during the day and was NOT happy about it! He tried to eat his way out! 168263093 Newbie 1 Due one way or the other on the morning of November 20th 2012. 168258355 Newbie 2 Due just after Newbie 1! 168258356